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Do you just do humans?

Can I print more than one person on a canvas?

Is my photo good enough to use?

Does it matter if my photo has stuff in the background?

How do you produce your designs?

Can I change my order?

Will I see the finished artwork before it gets printed?

What are the Canvas dimensions?

Can you add/remove things for me?

Can you change the background color?

Help! I thought it was an image wrap canvas, why are the sides black?

Can I combine multiple vouchers on the same order?

How will the canvas hold up outdoors?


What are the shipping times and prices?

I ordered multiple products in one order, will they arrive together?

Will I receive a tracking number?

My tracking number isn't working!

Do you ship worldwide?

What does 'Queue Jump Artwork Creation' do?

My order was returned to sender. Can you send it back out to me please?

How are the canvases packaged?

Can I split my order up and ship it to different locations?

Do I have to pay any customs fees if I live outside the USA?

Can I change my shipping address?


What if I don't like the artwork?

My order arrived damaged, what do I do?

Can I cancel my order if I change my mind?